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Micro AKG C 747 V11

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Mã SKU: C 747 V11
Mã hàng :
Bảo hành : 12 tháng
Tình trạng : Còn hàng
Xuất xứ: Chính hãng Mô tả sản phẩm:
13.900.000 VND
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Micro AKG C 747 V11

  • The C747 V11 is a professional shotgun condenser capsule with a flat frequency response and a clean off-axis response. Due to its brilliant sound reproduction, it is perfect for guitar, piano, drum and overhead recordings. Thanks to its inconspicuous appearance, it is also widely used as a speech and lectern microphone.
  • The C747 V11 features an integrated RFi shield to block out unwanted interference from mobile phones, wireless microphones and other wireless devices. The C747 V11 ships with an extensive accessory set including a shock mount adapter, mini-gooseneck, stand adapter, mounting clamp, thread link and windscreen.
  • Enhanced, hypercardioid polar pattern
    eliminates noise from the sides

    RFi shielding technology
    prevents interference noise from mobile phones

    Withstands high sound pressure levels
    or close-up miking of loud sources

    Small and inconspicuous
    for mobile and installed solutions

    Extensive accessory set included
    for a wide range of mounting possibilities

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